Bosch PLH181K: Perfect for your Wood Works

Are you having fun with wood works today? Are you sure this is just a hobby? Why don't you make it a business instead? Make use of your skills and passion in wood working. You can begin having projects in relation to wood works. But this means you need to buy a new wood planer. Bosch PLH181K is exactly what you need.

Bosch PLH181K is very versatile. A woodworker will be happy and become more effective in his job if his tool is also excellent as this one. Tools play very important roles for the success of the craftsman. In this relation, Bosch PLH181K is right for you since you will have no problem in creating flat surfaces. Whether it is inclined, vertical or horizontal surfaces, this tool is good to use. Also, it has micrograin carbide blades that can be positioned at the desired cutting angle. This gives faster planer work and it does not need so much drag. With this, a smooth surface is easily achieved. Another feature of Bosch PLH181K is its dual ejection ports. This gives the craftsman the freedom to choose which direction the wood shavings will go, to the left or to the right. Sometimes, being right handed or left handed becomes a problem in using tools. Bosch PLH181K solves this problem because it is truly adaptable and many who bought this tool before would agree to this fact.

Moreover, Bosch PLH181K ensures comfort and safety. This is truly made to lighten up your work. Free yourself from discomfort and buy this tool now because it only weighs 12 pounds making it the lightest planer on the list. For your safety, an on/off switch that can be locked is also part of the feature. This can help avoid accidents by simply turning the switch planer on. It even has an ambidextrous edge guide that you can freely mount in any side.

Be successful in your new-found career in wood working. Buy Bosch PLH181K because it is truly worth investing for.

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