Best Accommodation in Marrakech: Superb Villas and Hotels Stay In

Popularly referred to as the "Ochre City", Marrakech is definitely one of the best Moroccan cities to spend your vacation at. Marrakech takes pride in its ancient-inspired city squares and landscapes and modern-like neighbourhood. Simply put, the city offers the best of both worlds. Walking along the city's busy streets, you'll find a lot of good things to enjoy like listening tales told by storytellers, watching live dance and musical performances, or eating at dining places serving traditional and exotic dishes.

On top of all that, Marrakech takes pride in its wide array of hotels, villas, and inns that offer superb accommodation so both local and foreign tourists could enjoy their Moroccan holiday to the max. That said, here's a list of five of the best places offering superb accommodation in Marrakech.

Le Menzah

If real luxury is what you are looking for, Le Menzah is definitely the place to be. It's a rustic-inspired villa with state-of-the-art amenities and facilities. It's set in a 2-acre natural landscape in the luscious countryside, offering a great view of the mountains and Lall Takerkoust lake.

The villa's accommodation offers a room with 2 bedrooms and living room matched with all the luxurious facilities you need for comfort and convenience. The place is a perfect destination if you want to get away from all the stress and strains of your busy life.
Villa Casamenara
Another perfect place to stay, Villa Casamenara offers you real luxury from both the old and new world. It's a welcoming place that offers you the comfort of home, only far more lavished. The villa's interior is Morrocan-inspired and gives you hindsight of the country's history and mysteries.

You can choose to stay in one of the three appointed suites in the villa or in the Berber tent. But whichever you choose, you can be rest assured that you'd be experiencing only the best accommodation in Marrakech.

Hotel Le Caspien

If you are looking for an affordable yet excellent accommodation in Marrakech, Hotel Le Caspien could give you just what you need. It's the perfect place for vacationers who are budget-conscious. The hotel offers modern comfort and convenience at a price you can definitely afford. The place's dominant feel is warm and pleasant, making it perfect for a family getaway. It also provides babysitting services so parents with small kids have fewer things to worry about. The rooms may not be that luxurious, but they are perfectly alright and comfortable.

Riad Sable Chaud

For all types of travellers, Riad Sable Chaud offers great accommodation in Marrakech. The place provides an ambiance close to home—pleasant, warm, and simply comfortable. And because it's homey, you can expect to find a satellite TV, DVD player, home cinema, library, and gaming room in the hotel. It also has a ready Wi-Fi so you can connect to anybody anytime. Every room has its own bathroom, a WC, and air conditioning and heating system too. As for exterior, the place looks so traditional, not so elegant but it's definitely very Moroccan.

Riyad Zayane

Looking plain on the outside, Riyad Zayane is a real epitome of what we always say, "it's more than meets the eye". The place may look so plain outside but it actually offers great luxury inside. It is the best pick if you are looking forward to spending your vacation in a home away from home. You can also experience what Moroccan cuisine is really all about by requesting Moroccan dishes to be cooked and prepared for you in the hotel's own kitchen. It's a great pampering place that provides you with superb accommodation in Marrakech.

There are still actually a lot of other superb villas and hotels in Marrakech, You just have to learn where to look.

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