Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to Write a Captivating Article in an Hour’s Time: 5 Quick Tips that Work

Okay. So you’re writing an article, huh? Well, tell you what? That isn’t going to be real easy. At least not when you are yet writing your very first article. I remember writing my first, I probably consumed about 4 hours or so. It was a lot of hassles and just when I thought researching on my topic would make my life a little easier, it didn’t. In fact, I had a hard time telling which actually took more of my time, researching on my topic or the actual act of writing it.

Then I came across something while fishing for ideas over the web on how to write captivating articles in a swift and prolific manner. One blog said it’s possible to write an article of standard length in just an hour… or even less. Would you believe that? I didn’t. Well not until I was able to prove it true to myself.
So how’s it possible? Let me share to you some quick ideas on how to:

Strictly no distractions for an hour
You could be the best in the world when it comes to multitasking, but if and when you are determined to write an article in an hour’s time or less, that “multitasking” skill of yours just doesn’t apply. On second thought, you can actually write an article in an hour while keeping up with distractions but believe this--- your article isn’t going to be a real good one. It might be okay, but not much. So you need to concentrate. That’s the keyword here. Concentrate. Set aside an hour’s time away from distractions and just focus on what you are writing on. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other possible distractions are and should be a NO-NO.
Write with gusto
Love what you’re doing. Unless you do, you wouldn’t have the heart to write articles much less, write in an hour’s time. You wouldn’t be able to concentrate on writing if in the first place, you don’t love to write. When you love what you are doing, you’d find it more possible to wrap up an article in an hour or even less. So again, write with gusto.
Believe that you can
Believing that you can do it is a crucial part in the matter. Writing an article in an hour’s time, or doing anything for that matter, is majorly about having that unwavering trust and confidence in yourself that you can DO it. Don’t keep saying it’s impossible. Don’t keep saying you can’t do it. Because while it’s true that wrapping up a great article in an hour may seem like a real hard feat, it isn’t impossible. If others can do it, what on earth is the reason you can’t?

Visualize your objectives

What do you want to achieve with what you are writing? Or why are you even writing that? Such questions must be answered. You should have a definite set of goals and objectives as to what you want to achieve in your article. Are you trying to persuade, entertain, educate, or simply inform the readers? You decide.

Okay so that is research in BIG letters. Why? Well simply because research is a very vital factor in making your effort a success. Unless you know what you are going to write about, you wouldn’t be able to write fast and good. Importantly, researching must be accompanied with deep understanding and comprehension. When you understand your subject, you’d find it much easier to finish your article in an hour’s time because…well, you understand what you are writing on.

So those are just some quick guides on how you can write an article in a matter of an hour or even less. They may not really be new revelations to you, but they’re what you greatly need to successfully wrap it all up. Be able to write a highly interesting, engaging, and prolific article in an hour or less and you’ll certainly get your license to brag. 

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